Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Expanding Possibilities

At the beginning of a new year the sense of possibility is potent. You and I know that if you focus your attention you can create something new or change what isn't working. I like to set goals for myself each year, and these past few years I find I do better when I track them. I usually improve when I follow my progress until a change I want to make becomes a habit or routine. I have a specific and detailed list, but basically my main goals for this year are to grow my body of work by painting more and creating more of my personal illustrations, to learn more, to expand my audience, to connect and share more (hence more blog posts). Also to earn more and be more organized. So hopefully by the end of this year I will BE more. Since anything is truly possible if you focus your attention and effort on it, barring any major obstacles, I am enthusiastic about the days, weeks and months ahead and will track my progress. As my dear friend Emilie always said when we would raise our glass to toast, "Here's to more!"

The image above is my painting "Possibility" 18 x 12 acrylic on plywood