Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Tea Time

Curiosity is an important trait, especially for an artist. Sometimes just wondering where an idea might lead and then playing around with a direction is all it takes to send me down a path of exploration. Experimenting and just making art, even when it seems fruitless at times, is what it takes to create something – something that might be meaningful and inspired, something that might communicate, speak to someone's heart and allow for an aesthetic experience. A sense of discovery and skill, a little faith, and at times, patience and persistence are part of what it takes to be an artist. Sometimes I chide myself for going off in different creative directions, but illustration, design and painting are all things I enjoy. Exploring what interests me will hopefully be of value in some way. The tea cup above was a whimsical study that could lead to a larger painting or pattern...maybe I'll have a cup of tea and ponder that.

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